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📅 08-04-2021 👀 73

Linux - Why [1]

Linux is great for people who love tinkering (not that much tho) with their PC. You want you GUI to fully change? install a new DE. You want a super lightweight system that will use 200mb of ram? use a window manager and some panel, and you’re good to go! Want to install a new piece of software? Run a command, or go to a GUI for it, like an app store.

Package management is great

Package management is one of the best things about linux. You can view all installed software and uninstall it with ease (Windows, I’m lookin at you). On windows if you have a virus and want to remove it? tough luck, it’s running in the background and you can make it stop, because it will start itself again. assuming you have installed a malicious package (which u never do lul), just run the command, and no more bad software! even if you downloaded if from the internet as executables, delete the files, even if they’re running, and kill the process. If you want to install anything, instead of lookin' for it on the web, and maybe download it off of a sketchy website, just run a command, and it’s probably there! This is especially true with the AUR on Arch, which has any piece of software your heart will ever desire. You can also make scripts to make a list of installed programs every day, and keep that file just in-case your OS will break, and you can run a command to install all of those programs again so you will come back to the exact same computer. “But what about setting?” you might ask, which brings me to my next topic.

Partitioning is incredible

I know you can make partitions on any OS, but that’s not what I’m talking about. In Linux, the directory structure works in a way that allows you to mount a specific partition to a specific folder. So, you can have a different hard drive, just for your downloads, or for all of your downloads, and documents, and setting! That means you can have the list of installed software that you generated, just as I said above, and the setting, in-case your OS breaks!

The command line is useful AF

I will talk more about this one in another article, but I wanna talk about it here short and sweet. The terminal is extremely useful in so many ways. You are already in it and you wanna check your background processes? Like a task manager? Use htop. You need to edit some file? vim is there. Or let’s say you wanna move all PDF files into a specific directory, you can mkdir pdf to make it, and use mv *.pdf pdf/ to move the files there! This was useful to me when I sorted a folder of mine. You can also manipulate text, cut, replace, so you can make long command so do lots of crazy thing. You can use dmenu to make GUI menus appear on the screen with a command, can use the item you chose to do, let’s say, add to a file, or kill a process with that name. You can make scripts to do all of this as well. also, if a command is too long for you, make it shorter with aliases - which allow you to make aliases for commands just by editing a config file.


The customization options on Linux are great. You can literally install a whole new GUI foy our OS, and even have multiple GUIs (Desktop Environment) installed from which you can easily switch. You can also install extensions and add docks, panels, and other things that might not exist in your Desktop Environment. The theming options are also incredible. You can change the looks of your DE bu using a theme to make your DE look like MacOS for instance, or Windows XP, or its very own thing. You can also make a theme to make your PC really yours. You can even do what I do: have a Mac OS theme with a Windows XP icon set (it’s actually pretty good). You can also make your very own DE pretty easily; just pick the components for it: a window manager, a panel, and make a color pallet for it, a theme of-sort, and there your have it, your own DE (kinda)! r/unixporn is full of those.

No “Microsoftness”

Unlike Windows, no Linux distro (unless you’re usin' some sketch-ass shit, or now new fedora, F) will force you to update, and especially won’t push ads in a system menu. Even tho there are bloated distros that ship with weird games and stuff, you can always remove those WAY EASIER than you would be able to on Windows, and you could also install a minimal distro and control everything.

Choice - Distros

There is no “Linux OS”, as you know, there are multiple “distros” which you can choose from. Want a computer as stable as a building? Go with Debian, or a RHEL fork; want a stable PC, but not that stable, so you can still get better software? OpenSUSE, or Ubuntu and it’s 1,000 derivatives are there, like Linux Mint, Kubuntu or Pop OS; Want a bleeding-edge distro with all of the newest software? OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Void, or Arch and it’s many derivatives are there. You can also build your distro from scratch with Arch or Void or go with Gentoo or even LFS if you’re that extreme.