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📅 09-05-2021 👀 171

Typewriters are AMAZING!

You got a typewriter?

So a couple of days ago, my dad came home with this old, metal suitcase, and said we’ll open it in a few day. a few days later, and I opened it. It was a typewriter! He said it works and has ink but the space doesn’t work, so it will always type in the same place. On the front it said “Olivetti Lettera 32”, so I googled the manual. After fixing it, it works!

How does it feel?

It feels amazing! I LOVE typing on that thing! It feels great! It feels great and it’s loud, just amazing! It has a nice old charm to it.

The machinery

It is incredible to me how everything about it is mechanical, not electricity, no bloatware, no shit. You can also uncover the top and see EVERYTHING that’s going on with the typewriter, making it feel even cooler. You can study how it works, by looking at the top, where everything happens, and just type. That’s How I found and solved the next problem I would have with this incredible device…

As always, there’s a but

It was great, but as always, it didn’t work perfectly. How it works, is that when you type a letter, it smashes metal shaped like the letter against an ink sheet, which is smashed against the paper, making it type the letter. So, for the ink to not get dried out, the typewriter rolls it by just a tiny bit every time. Due to the machine’s top being removable, I could see what’s going on, and could tell that it wasn’t moving. After some tinkering with it I got that to work as well.

Will I use it?